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To have high quality content and build a good reputation, HW lives by these guidelines. Please try to understand the reasons behind not allowing users to edit this website.


1. If you use any articles from HW, please remember to cite your source, regardless whether the articles are written by HW or a guest.

2. If you surf the Dark Web, please take all necessary precautions to ensure you do not fall victim of a scam. We are not to be held responsible for any action you take on the Dark Net or Clear Net.

3. We are not responsible for the contents of any websites published in the Dark Market Directory, so due diligence is your own responsibility.

Sending Content Requests

1. You can send your own articles about any subject within our niche or if you think it is pertinent to the users of the Hidden Wiki.

2. Do not send any content related to child pornography. We reserve the right to forward such emails to the relevant authorities.

3. Please try to avoid sending articles whithout any sources. Although they might be of exceptional quality, some users might not find them credible.

4. Do not send articles that are not original. If you want to suggest any topics, please send us a link of the original content instead of copying the text.

5. If you want to suggest an edit of an article, please send us an email with the title, the paragraph/sentence/section you would like to change, what changes do you want us to make, along with the reasons why you want us to change it. We will not alter any pages if you do not have any documentation to justify any changes.


Money generated through advertising is spent developing this project. Currently The Hidden Wiki 2.0 is a less than part time project managed by a handful of people which would really love to have full-time professional help developing the biggest source of information in this niche.

Content Creators

1. We will publish your articles free of charge and will happily link back to your website or to your other articles.

2. You will have to follow the article guidelines.

3. We will publish articles received from anonymous sources, if they follow the guidelines.

4. You can submit an article even if you do not own a website or blog. You will be credited as the author of that article if it is your original content.

5. Each original article will remain the intellectual property of the author

Dark Market Owners

1. For the purpose of these guidelines we will refer to the owners of websites that can have a financial gain (through any type of trade and or advertising and or subscription services) from traffic to their website as commercial website site owners, and to the owners of websites that do not have any financial gain (including advertising) as non-commercial website owners.

2. Any commercial website owner can submit a request for insertion free of charge. The Directory is open to everyone until the 15th of March 2019.

3. You can submit requests for insertion in our Dark Web directory if your website does not have any content related to pornography of any kind, religious propaganda, terrorist propaganda or political propaganda. We accept publishing articles related to religion and politics if they are neutral and do not try to convince readers of any change in opinion.

4. To publish your market in our directory following the free insertion period, you will need to pay a fee of 0.01 BTC per year for basic insertion (Directory – General Category – Subcategory – Website). Other than the obvious reason we request the payment, another reason is quality of content. If you do not want to pay this small amount for your people to see your website, chances are your website is not worth reading by the public. If you would like to feature your market at the top of the Dark Market Directory, the fee is 0.05 BTC for half a calendar year.

5. Insertion will be valid for a specific URL and the URL cannot be changed afterwards. To publish another URL, you will need to pay the fee again.

6. We will check the submitted URL for inappropriate content such as those mentioned in the 2nd rule, but we will not review your market. This will be al the discretion of a market’s clients. If your intention is to promote your market through peer reviews, we are not the best choice for you.

7. The Dark Web Directory is purged of dead links weekly. Websites found inactive more than 4 times within a month will be deleted from the Dark Web Directory, regardless if their insertion was paid for or not. Commercial website owners must notify us of any ongoing maintenance that lasts for more than a month.

Website Referrers

1. If you use a website and think other users will benefit from it you can share it with us, and we will consider publishing it. We will not publish websites that have content related to pornography of any kind, religious propaganda, terrorist propaganda or political propaganda. We accept publishing articles related to religion and politics if they are neutral and do not try to convince readers of any change in opinion. 2. You will not be credited for referring any websites to the directory.

Article guidelines

1. Make sure you format your article as professional as possible (same font, same font size, correct use of capital letters.)

2. Always mention your references otherwise the article may not seem credible. To indicate the use of a source, just put a reference number between brackets [1] where you want to add a source, then list the source in the same numerical order at the end of your article.

3. If you cite someone, please italicise the citation and add a reference number between brackets, same as above, and list the source of citation at the end of your article.

4. We will format the article for you but please make our job as easy as possible by diving your texts into easy to read paragraphs and divide the sections of your articles by using sub headings.

5. You can use any link on the Clearnet as a reference.

6. If your article is poorly written we reserve the right to not publish it. We will inform you of this and we will list it in our denied request page.