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the free content gray area encyclopedia.

Why another Hidden Wiki?

Whilst not being the first Hidden Wiki, Hidden Wiki 2.0 promises to be something different. Instead of using the Wiki solely as a Dark Web .onion directory, our aim is to provide educational content as well as featuring useful Dark Net websites. For the time being, due to the nature of this Wiki, it will be moderated by the sys op, instead of being open for public edits. Users will not be able to edit content directly, however anyone can submit full page articles or suggest edits on the published articles, according to the guidelines. The plan is to eventually open it for public edits.

Freedom of speech and content moderation

There are no restrictions to any individual's freedom of speech, however there are certain guidelines that need to be followed to enjoy our grey area encyclopedia. We have created the Hidden Wiki 2.0 for people who actually think the Dark Web should be more than a venue for illegal activity, and because we've seen what goes on on some pages in the Dark Web, we need to moderate the content. We will not publish anything related to any type of pornography, violence, politics or religion, but to be transparent, we have a denied requests page where we publish all requests received and a brief reason for not publishing. The page is not updated in real time.

Add a Market to the Dark Web

We do have a Dark Web Directory so if you want to submit a website please send us a request. Here are the Guidelines for Insertion.